LIXARE® Summary of Clinical Study

Summary of clinical studies of new active ingredients for Lixare Swiss Time Erasing Eye Cream

Swiss Plant Stem Cell Complex – PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture and Lecitin

Age control complex in a double vector system. Derived from rare Swiss apple species to protect skin stem cells and ensure longevity of skin cells.
Clinically demonstrated:

In vitro: test conducted on umbilical cord blood stem cells
  • a.  Maintenance of stem cell growth.
  • b.  Protection against UV radiation.
  • c.  Delay of senescence.
  • d.  DNA repair.
  • d.  Protection against oxidative stress.
In vivo: study with 20 volunteers aged 37 to 64 using 2% PhytoCellsTec for 28 days
  • a.  Turnover of the epidermis is more similar to that in young skin
  • b.  Activates the cell renewing process
  • c.  After 28 days, significant decrease in wrinkle depth for 100% of subjects. After 28 days 16% decrease in wrinkle depth.
Benefits and claims:
  • Skin Stem Cell extends life span of cells and activate the cell renewing process- cell Rejuvenation. Combats chronological aging.
  • Biometic Peeling = Peptide 3 leads to increased desquamation of stratum corneum.
  • Controlled delivery- The Vector system, using Liposomes, facilitates the penetration of the Plant stem cell into deeper skin layers.
  • Reduces fine lines and uneven pigmentation.
  • Improves smoothness, clarity and radiance.
  • Plant tem cells are totipotent.
Cytobiol™ Lumin-Eye –
made of Ash Bark tree extract, organic silicon and Vitamin B to increase in blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, strengthening of the capillaries, preventing the degradation of the hemoglobin and reinforcing and protecting the supporting tissues. Will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

In a three prong approach, Lumin-Eye will attack each of the causes of dark shadows and puffiness.

Vitamin P activity (the esculin and fraxin in the bark) decreases the permeability of blood capillaries. The antioxidant activity protects the capillaries and fight against hemoglobin degradation to reduce dark circles.

Organic silicon helps reinforce structure and elasticity as a cross linking agent. It restructures collagen and elastin and provides strength, flexibility and resilience, thus completing the action of the esculin and fraxin.

Vitamin B3 stimulates collagen synthesis and reinforces barrier functions of the skin and the basal layer of the blood vessels as well as protects from UV and hyper pigmentation. Helps maintain and restore normal blood flow in capillaries.

Clinically demonstrated in a study for 28 days and evaluated by panelists:
  • a.  63% decrease in under eye bags
  • b.  77% found eye contour more toned
  • c.  73% declared product effective.
Dermatological Scoring:
  • a.  Under eye bags reduced by 11.4% (considered significant)
Volumetic Measurement using Profilometric Analysis:
  • a.  Significant reduction in under eye bags between 6.8- 30% after 28 days of use.
In vivo study for 28 days:
  • a.  Color intensity of dark circles reduced by 18%
  • b.  Surface of dark circles reduced by 15%.
  • Significantly reduces under eye puffiness
  • Reduces Dark circles by stimulating microcirculation
  • Help erase sign of tiredness
  • Helps reinforce supporting tissues for a smoother brighter look.
  • Pre and post surgery treatment.
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – Argireline®
A non-toxic amino peptide, temporarily limits release of the neurotransmitter (catecholarmine). By limiting the overproduction of the catecholarmine nerve stimulation to the facial muscles is reduced. The skin shows a marked reduction in the depth of existing wrinkles and is aided in the prevention of the formation of new ones.

In vivo study performed on female volunteers for 30 days using a 10% solution clinically demonstrated that there was a significant reduction in the depth of the wrinkles of the volunteers.

Other active ingredients include:

Sodium Hyaluronate
Saxifraga Extract
Sweet Almond Oil
Sacharide Isomerate

Lixare Time Erasing Eye Cream is Paraben and Fragrance free
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